19 Aug 2016

Viviscal hair growth supplements featured on

In an article about how to sttronger, thicker hair, top stylist Adam Reed is quoted talking about his clients' success with Viviscal Maximum Strength Hair Growth Supplements, which contain biotin, a type of B vitamin that helps build protein. “Their hair just feels thicker”, what more could you want?  Read the full article on 

Viviscal Densifying Elixir featured on

In an article about how to combat thinning hair, Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Elixir was featured as a leave-in treatment that helps to extend the hair growth phase and reduce hair loss with it's combination of biotin, keratin and zinc.  Read the full article on

12 Aug 2016

Viviscal supplements featured in Good Housekeeping featured Viviscal hair growth supplements in an article about hair mistakes that age you. Viviscal has been recommended to help improve condition of the hair as they contain vitamins and nutrients to promote healthy hair growth.

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Viviscal supplements featured on

In an article about getting brows that wow, Viviscal hair growth supplements were featured as a way to make the most of your eyebrows. Supplements like Viviscal, that contain strengthening and growth-stimulating vitamins B and C, do not just benefit the hair on your head.  Hibba Kapil, a founder of an NYC beauty salon has been quoted saying:

'Since I just gave birth, I was losing a lot of hair myself but I have been using Viviscal which has been helping my eyebrows, nails and hair grow"