13 Aug 2015

Esther Liska

by Viviscal Hair Expert, originally posted on December 7th, 2012
Esther Liska (33)
Esther’s father is Portuguese. When, about 5 years ago Esther decided to leave the UK and live in Portugal, the stress associated of getting a new life coupled with the fact of having to adapt to everything in a new country, made Esther face another problem: thinning hair.
However, Esther had heard about Viviscal and decided to recover her hair and her confidence with Viviscal. Esther is a Image Consultant and, for this reason looking good is essential for her. When she was asked what she recommends to someone with a thinning hair problem she simply replied:
“Try Viviscal! I was amazed with the results! Imagine how good it is to see new hair growing after 3 months of treatment, it’s simply fantastic. I recommend 100%! I’m very happy with the results and I will keep using the product for maintenance”.

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