14 Aug 2015

Robert Kardashian discovers Viviscal Man to maintain his locks

by Viviscal Hair Expert, originally posted on July 25th, 2013
One of America’s most famous reality stars, Robert Kardashian, has reached out to his online fan-base of almost 4.5 million and tweeted his love of Viviscal, the No.1 hair growth supplement in the US, saying:
@Viviscalhair Man shipment is in. Time for a #change http://www.viviscal.com  http://vivi4.me/man #ad
One in two men experience hair loss at some point in their lives yet it is still something which many men feel uncomfortable discussing – Rob included.
The 26 year old is no stranger to the camera and frequently appears in episodes of the California based reality TV series ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ alongside his famous siblings Kim, Kourtney and Khloe.  Despite living life in the limelight, there is one subject which the reality TV star and business entrepreneur is quite sensitive about – his thinning hair.  In a 2012 episode of ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’, big sis Kim cruelly teased Rob about his hair loss with Rob later complaining that ‘it really bugs’ him when Kim makes comments like ‘you’re balding’.
Rob has grown up around a glamorous squad of sisters, stylists and celebrity friends and knows that a healthy head of hair is the hallmark of Hollywood. Spurred on by Kim’s comments, it is great to see him taking positive action towards retaining both his locks and confidence.
Statistics show that a whole range of factors, including stress, over-styling, poor nutrition, hereditary factors and age can impact on the health of hair and hair growth. Viviscal Man supplements are for men who want to maintain normal healthy hair growth. They are scientifically formulated with the important nutrient Zinc, which helps to maintain normal healthy hair from within, combined with the exclusive marine protein complex AminoMar C, Vitamin C and Flax seed.

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