24 Nov 2015

Stylist Neil Moodie shares his secrets on cutting and styling thinning hair

Image Source: TeenVogue.com

As anyone with fine, thin hair will know, styling and colouring is key to making the most of what you have. This, in combination with a programme for keeping hair healthy and well nourished, can help your hair appear and feel great.

We recently caught up with industry legend and renowned session stylist Neil Moodie. Vogue magazine regular Neil, who counts Suki Waterhouse and Cara Delevingne amongst his clients, shared some of his top tips on colouring thinning hair saying:

In general if you have finer hair, don’t grow it long. The longer it gets, the weaker the hair gets and so it can tend to look lank and straggly on the ends. There’s nothing worse than long hair that doesn’t look healthy. I would be inclined to say to people with fine or thin hair to keep it shorter in length.

For those that have super thin hair you want to get layers in to get a bit more height and volume in the hair as opposed to the hair being all one length. I wouldn’t recommend really short layers because that can highlight the fineness of the hair. Personally I would recommend hair to be bob length or shorter and then to have some layers – the length of the layers would depend on what your hair is like.

Neil’s closing tip on adding volume to fine, thin hair is involves creating root lift:

Getting root lift will make hair look thicker rather than having it lying flat against the head….Year after year I always give the same tip: thickening spray always needs to be applied at the root as this is where you need the lift... Really use the brush and heat styling tools too to get the roots dry.”

Finally, if you need a really quick temporary solution, Viviscal Volumising Hair Fibres are a good product to have on hand. “You just need to sprinkle them on, brush them in and they conceal a visible scalp instantly”advises Neil. 

12 Nov 2015

Victoria's Secret Models revealed as fans of Viviscal Hair Growth Supplements

The Daily Express has just revealed the high street beauty products used by Victoria’s Secret models to help maintain their enviable looks. And it’s no surprise to us that Viviscal hair growth supplements top the list for achieving beautiful, glossy, healthy hair.

Session hair stylist Neil Moodie tells Daily Express readers: 

“hair breakage and shedding is a very common problem with models. During a big season a model’s hair can be done 4-5 times a day… I always notice much healthier hair growth after women take Viviscal and I often see a slight increase in speed of hair growth, and reduction in shedding”. 

Victoria’s Secret model Karlie Kloss is a long time Viviscal fan and is quoted praising the results achieved with Viviscal: 

“The difference in my hair is like night and day. It has some sort of marine complex – some kind of fish oil – whatever it is, it’s amazing”. 

Image source: Daily Express

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