31 May 2016

Viviscal Conceal & Densify Fibres in Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan featured Viviscal Conceal & Densify Hair Fibres in a hair loss feature. In a round-up of treatment options, the fibres were recommended as a way to temporarily thicken hair.

26 May 2016

Viviscal Densifying Shampoo recommended in Woman & Home magazine

Woman & Home magazine featured the Viviscal Densifying Shampoo in a feature about what shampoo is best for your hair type.  The Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Shampoo has been suggested for thinning, flat and oily hair as it contains biotin, zinc and keratin that help to nourish hair.

25 May 2016

Stylist calls Viviscal Maximum Strength "The Wonder Stuff"

Stylist featured Viviscal Maximum Strength supplements in a feature dedicated to supplements. In the tried and tested section of the feature, a member of the Stylist team has been trialling Viviscal for 6 months and has reported that Viviscal has made her hair feel thicker and fuller, with hydration levels rising by 40% and her hair showing 20% more strengthening minerals and vitamins.

The Wonder Stuff

Stylist tested 12 hair and beauty supplements over six months.  Many left them underwhelmed, but Viviscal was one of the four that made an impact:

Viviscal Densifying Elixir awarded "Look recommends" seal of approval

Look magazine featured the Viviscal Densifying Elixir in a Tried & Tested Hair feature. The Viviscal Elixir scored 5 out of 5:

Look Beauty Assistant, Gabrielle Dyer

"Zinc, keratin and biotin are the superfoods of the hair world and exactly what my overstyled tresses needed.  After a few uses of this, my hair was the picture of perfect health."

Look reader, Anna Carradice-French

"A fantastic all-rounder, this helped with growth, strength and volume, plus it left my hair shinier than it's been in a while. It's worth every penny for the money it will save you on salon treatments".


Karlie Kloss loves Viviscal Maximum Strength supplements

Stylist magazine featured Viviscal Maximum Strength supplements in a feature about supermodel’s beauty essentials. Karlie Kloss is quoted saying:

"I couldn't live without Viviscal Women's Max Strength Supplement...It makes your hair thick and works really well.  I've been taking it on and off for years and have really noticed a difference".

24 May 2016

Telegraph.co.uk recommends Viviscal

The Telegraph featured Viviscal Maximum Strength supplements in a piece on how to maintain healthy, long hair.

"A good diet and keeping an eye on your blood levels will help too," says Tarver. "It's all the little things that help - making sure you get your five a day and taking a few supplements as well." Viviscal supplements have been 25 years in the making and use a compound of marine extracts to nourish hair from within."

Read the full article on Telegraph.co.uk.

Good Golly Miss hollie recommends Viviscal

In a blog post about hair growth, Miss Hollie reported that "I've been on a hair growth programme before with Viviscal and my hair grew like grass!"  Read her blog post on goodgollymisshollie

Viviscal Shampoo recommended in That's Life magazine

Viviscal Shampoo was recommended in That's Life in an article about soothing an itchy scalp.  The article features a Q&A, in which one of the reader's mentions that her daughter, having had a mastectomy, decided to shave her head for charity but now has an itchy scalp and wanted recommendations.  Recommending a way to help alleviate the itching, "It does wonders to help soothe an itchy head.  And when she showers, sticking to products for sensitive skin, such as Viviscal Gentle Shampoo, £9.95, will ensure her hair is clean, without causing discomfort.

Viviscal Densifying Elixir recommended by Pick Me Up magazine

If you're after a hair thickening product, the Make Me Up article suggests Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Elixir.

"This leave-in treatment helps condition the scalp to encourage hair growth and also helps to reduce hair loss.  It doesn't weight locks down, which is important if they're thin".

Viviscal Densifying Elixir in Beauty magazine

Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Elixir was recommended by Beauty magazine in a beauty piece about new mums, saying that it gives immediate volume, conditioning the scalp and boosting body.

Viviscal Supplements featured in Sugarscape

In one of their Beauty Hacks, Lizzie Cox of Sugarscape gives her top tips for thin, short and wispy hair.  She writes about how, when she was younger, her naturally fine her was damaged by regular bleaching, which lead to her hair becoming brittle.  Coupled to this she also used extensions for a period which caused further stress to her tresses.  One of the ways she has been combatting the effects of styling is by "taking Viviscal [supplements] religiously".  Read Lizzie's story here.

23 May 2016

Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Shampoo and Conditioner in Get The Gloss

The Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Shampoo and Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Conditioner were featured by Get The Gloss in their "Products we're loving at the moment".  Victoria Woodhall, deputy editor, reviewed the products and loved the fact that they give thin hair the volume of a mousse - plus a visible root boost.

"I'm going through a bit of hair mare in terms of thinning and breakage (annoyingly around my forehead where it's most visible) so I was willing this product to be as 'Densifying' as it claimed.  The fact that it was by Viviscal, who have made their name with award-winning supplements that promote healthy hair growth, sparked my interest.  Full disclosure: I tried the shampoo and conditioner together so couldn't say whether there is one hero product, but the combination produced a visible zhuzh and thickness, which disguised my problem fringer wisps without making them feel claggy or weighted down.  I had a noticeable bouffe (which, if you have thinning, is a good thing) without the use of styling products.  A winner if you're a thinner!"

Read the full article on GetTheGloss.com

Dr. Sophie Shotter shares her top tips for healthy hair

We recently caught up with Dr. Sophie Shotter, of Illuminate Skin Clinic, who has kindly shared her top tips on keeping your hair healthy. Sophie met each of our Viviscal Voice's ladies at the start of their journey towards thicker, fuller, healthier hair.

Dr. Sophie Shotter's Top Tips for healthy hair growth

1. Make sure you have enough protein in your diet.

2. Take time to reduce your stress levels. Relaxation should be an important part of all of our daily regimes.

3. Consume the right vitamins and minerals be that in supplements or through making sure you have a healthy balanced diet.

4. Ensure that your hormones are all in balance, and if on an ongoing basis you are worried about this, go and get checked by your GP.

Read more information on the most common causes of hair loss.

18 May 2016

Viviscal recommended by Hair Expert Errol Douglas

Hairstylist to the stars Errol Douglas gives tips on handling afro hair.  In the article he recommends Viviscal supplements as a way of promoting growth in afro hair.

The best thing on the market is a tablet programme, we use Viviscal Professional. We’re human beings and we need to be fed from within, and this has all the amino acids and vitamins you need. Be careful not to dry or pull your hair too much to avoid breakage, as well as not using the same products all the time.

11 May 2016

Goodhousekeeping.co.uk features Viviscal supplements

Viviscal supplements are recommended in an expert-led feature about how to tackle thinning eyebrows. Dr. Justine Hextall has recommended taking Viviscal as these can also help with eyebrow growth.  Read the article on goodhouskeeping.co.uk

Harper's Bazaar recommends Viviscal supplements

Harper's Bazaar featured Viviscal Maximum Strength supplements in a piece about thinning hair. Trichologist Anabel Kingsley has recommends incorporating plenty of iron into your diet and goes on to say that taking hair supplements such as Viviscal can make a visible difference as the hair and nails are the last place to receive vitamins.

Viviscal Densifying Shampoo featured in Fit & Well magazine

The Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Shampoo was featured in this month's Fit & Well magazine. Featuring Healthy Hair Heroes products under £10, the article mentions that the shampoo will not only get tresses squeaky clean, but it's Ana:Tel ingredient that contains biotin, keratin and zinc help to promote good scalp health and encourage strands to grow fast, straight and smooth.

Viviscal included in Look Fantastic's haircare awareness month

Whether you’re after tips on how to prevent split ends or getting radiance back into dulling hair, we have it covered. When the month of May ends, you will have all the insider information as well as our favourite tips and products on how to look after your hair properly and keep it in excellent condition.  Speaking about Viviscal, LookFantastic says:

"Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston are fans of this supplement and we can see why. It helps to promote hair growth and health and leaves us with visibly thicker and more lustrous locks."

Read the full article on LookFantastic.com

4 May 2016

Jennifer Aniston credits vitamins like Viviscal for her youthful apearance

One of Jennifer’s best tips for staving off ageing is gobbling plenty of supplements.
She’s always been famed for her luscious locks and had millions of people asking for the “Rachel” haircut in the nineties but Jennifer revealed she pops Viviscal pills to maintain hair health.
Jennifer said:
“I've got a healthy bag of vitamins I take three times a day, like Viviscal and your basic omegas and vitamin C. Good stuff.”

Read more about Jennifer's beauty secrets in the MailOnline, the Daily Star and Unilad.

Viviscal Conceal & Densify Fibres in Woman & Home magazine

Woman & Home magazine featured the Viviscal Conceal & Densify Volumising Hair Fibres as one of the 4 best root touch-up tools.  Neil Moodie, Viviscal ambassador, gives advice about wearing long hair:

"Longer hair on older women can be especially ageing if it's going grey and changes in texture...if you want to keep length, chop in layers to frame the face"

TheSun.co.uk: pre-holiday beauty preps - boost your crowning glory with Viviscal

Fabulous magazine and TheSun.co.uk featured Viviscal Supplements as well as the new Gorgeous Growth Densifying Shampoo and Gorgeous Growth Densifying Conditioner in a holiday prep feature. Celebrity hairstylist Neil Moodie recommends taking the supplements as a way of nourishing the hair from the inside out at least 3 months before you intend to travel. Read the article on Thesun.co.uk

The article also appeared in Fabulous magazine

Instyle featured Viviscal Densifying Elixir

Instyle featured the Viviscal Densifying Elixir on the #AskGeorge page, written in collaboration with George Northwood.

Good Housekeeping featured the Viviscal supplements

Good Housekeeping featured the Viviscal supplements in a feature about the specific needs of different hair types. Viviscal has been recommended for fine hair looking for volume, recommending that the product should be taken for 3-4 months, for more growth and less breakage and loss.

Viviscal supplements in Red Magazine

Red magazine featured Viviscal supplements. The Beauty director of Red Magazine has mentioned that she takes the supplements herself in a Q&A to help encourage her fine hair grow as thickly and healthily as possible.