20 Jun 2016

Viviscal Gorgeous Growth range featured in Top Santé

In a recent article on making every day a good hair day, Top Santé featured the new Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying range.  In the same way that cleansing, applying serum, moisturising and using nourishing masks on the face help to maintain a youthful appearance, similar products for your hair can help to keep your locks full of vitality:

"To beef up your hair if it's feeling fine or if you notice any thinning, try the new Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying range (from £9.99, viviscal.co.uk).  Scientifically proven to promote healthy hair growth thanks to a formulation of zinc, biotin and keratin, plus phytonutrients from pea shoot extract, the products help extend the hair growth phase and reduce hair fall"

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