15 Jul 2016

Viviscal Volumising Hair Fibres recommended by Prima

Prima magazine featured the Viviscal Conceal and Densify Volumising Fibres in there Beauty SOS feature.  Beauty Editor Sabine Wiesel featured the product in a Reader Q&A and has recommended them to conceal thinning patches of hair in the interim, whilst waiting for the Viviscal hair growth supplements to work.  The article reads as follows:

Q: I'm fed up with my fine, thinning hair.  I've started using Viviscal hair supplements, but is there anything that works in the short term, too?

"...To hide thinning patches or a widened parting, try brushing in Viviscal Conceal and Densify Volumizing Fibers...which stick to hair to conceal thinning. Genius!"

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