19 Apr 2017

Viviscal featured in Woman's Own!

Viviscal Maximum Strength Supplements were listed at #12 on Woman's Own, '15 youth-boosting hair heroes' list. Helping you start your new season hair SOS so you can swish your way into spring with frizz fighting, gloss giving hair treats.

Woman's Own dedicated slot 12 to our Viviscal Supplements saying "if you are what you eat, then you're about to see fuller, more fabulous tresses. Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow are all fans of these prettifying pills."

Viviscal featured in Marie Claire!

Viviscal was featured in Marie Claire article 'The best supplements to help your hair grow thicker and longer'.

Marie Claire state that there has been a spike in the beauty supplement department, showing figures of it reaching £5 billion by 2020, which is more than double what was spent on supplements in 2013. This being said, Marie Claire continues to note "but, with all things that rise in popularity comes a saturated market - which is why we've sifted through them all to separate the studs from the duds"

"If you're going to pop a pill, pop one of these and give your hair some serious guts" - Marie Claire.

Viviscal Maximum Strength Supplements are listed as a stud, as it is "proven to reduce hair shedding by 18% and increase hair thickness by 7%."

Viviscal featured in Good Housekeeping!

Viviscal Maximum Strength Supplements were featured in Good Housekeeping's "10 Best Hair Thickening Products" as recommended by their collective of beauty editors, hair professionals and Good Housekeeping Institute testers.

Good Housekeeping beauty editor Eve Cameron explained how she uses the Viviscal supplements and saw results within 3 months! She also added - "It has worked wonders on thinning areas at my temples, thickening my hair and making it grow faster. It's got clinical trials behind it too."

Viviscal featured in Harper's Bazaar!

Viviscal was featured in Harper's Bazaar's article on their 'Healthy Hair Rules'. With many brand's and products featured, Viviscal's Maximum Strength Supplements were tipped as a product to help you "begin within". The article states that it is widely agreed that supplements that contain Biotin, Zinc and Iron (in which Viviscal does) are useful in the quest for healthy hair.