1 Oct 2018

How to Choose an Autumn Hair Colour


There are lots of things we love about Autumn: sweaters, pumpkins and the opportunity to change our hairstyle. A return to cooler weather sends many women to the hairdresser in search of a new fall hair colour. But with so many to choose from, how do you decide what’s right for you? Keep reading for our top fall hair colour recommendations of 2018.

8 Top Autumn Hair Colours for 2018

Copper Red
We’ve been seeing this pumpkin-inspired Autumn colour color all over the runways. Copper is a bold option that works best with warm skin tones. Ask your hairstylist for red hair with copper undertones rather than burgundy. Just expect to spend more time than usual at the hair salon – red shades like copper tend to fade more quickly than other hair colours, so they require more touch-ups. Hint: use keratin hair fibers in a matching colour to cover root show-through between colourings.
redhead woman happy laughing copper red choosing fall hair color viviscal hair blog
Chestnut Brown
This brown shade also has copper undertones, but it’s a subtler way to embrace the copper trend this Autumn (and without so many visits to the hair salon). Plus, this dark reddish brown is flattering on all skin tones. Ask your hairstylist for a single process of chestnut hair colour for an easy-to-wear update to your hair colour this fall.
chestnut brown brunette woman walking street phone new fall hair color viviscal hair blog

Icy Blonde
Platinum blonde continues to be a popular fashion hair colour. This ice-blonde look will get you noticed but beware because bleach can be very damaging, especially for fine or thin hair. So if you want to go for it, only attempt this look with the help of a professional. Use a toning shampoo to prevent brassiness. And take Viviscal hair growth supplements twice daily to provide hair follicles with the nutrients they need to keep hair strong and healthy against potential styling or colouring damage.
ice blonde bleached silver hair new fall hair color viviscal hair blog
Subtle Ombre
Ombre continues to be a hair colour trend this year. But the 2018 update of this colour trend is much subtler than in seasons past. That’s great news for natural brunettes who are looking for just a little bit of a change for autumn.
brown hair color salon hairstylist woman chair curling iron subtle ombre new fall color viviscal hair blog
Ask your hairstylist for an ombre where the ends are only slightly lighter than the tips, to subtly brighten the face without damaging the hair. This change will turn this hair colour staple look into one of the latest hair colour trends for fall.
Jewel Tones
We’ve recently seen celebrities stepping out with deep blue hair and we’re loving it. Jewel tones like emerald, burgundy and navy are the perfect fall update to the coloured hair trend. Plus jewel tones are flattering on most skin tones.

deep burgundy dark brunette hair back long hair new fall hair color viviscal hair blog
But achieving these jewel-tone fall hair colours usually do require bleaching especially if your natural hair is dark. We recommend using a jewel-toned wig or coloured non-damaging extensions so you can try the look with minimal damage to your natural hair.
Honey Blonde
If you’re already blonde, adding some warmth and depth to your locks is a great way to transition to fall without going brunette. Ask your hairstylist to add honey-toned low-lights to your hair.
light honey blonde hair woman new fall hair color viviscal hair blog
Dark Chocolate
Deep, chocolate-y brown hair is a hit for brunettes this fall. Ask your hairstylist for a rich, warm brown with subtle caramel highlights. The best part? For natural brunettes, this fall hair colour is practically maintenance-free!
dark brown hair color long hair woman chocolate brown viviscal hair blog
Cool Brunette
Another celebrity-inspired look, this rich brown makes up for its lack of warmth with a satiny gloss. Ask your hairstylist for a deep, cool-toned brown and schedule a gloss treatment every few weeks to keep hair shiny and reflective.
deep cool brown hair color woman brunette white shirt new fall hair color viviscal hair blog
What hair colours do you want to try this autumn? Let us know in the comments!

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