Can a hair supplement really make a difference?

by cygnus on January 18th, 2016

Can a hair supplement really make a difference? 

Well the readers of Layered online certainly think so! 
5 Layered readers put our Viviscal Maximum Strength supplements to the test and the results are in…

Check out the highlights here:

Zoe 33

“I didn’t really notice a huge difference to start with, but after three months I noticed that baby hairs had started to regrow, especially at my temples. After taking them for six months I can confidently say they have made a difference to my hair.” Zoe 33


Charlotte, 29

“My nails grew really quickly and then my skin definitely started to look better, which I was very happy about. I would say it took at least three months to notice a difference in my hair, which coincided with my next colour appointment where my colourist said she could see and feel a real difference in the strength of my hair. It’s now been over six months of taking Viviscal and my hair has definitely grown faster compared to when I didn’t take the tablets and as I’m getting married this year and wanted a longer style I will keep on taking them for my big day.”

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