Expert tips for healthy hair

by kim on February 19th, 2020
Expert tips for healthy hair from Christel Lundqvist

We’re halfway through the second month of the New Year already – and for some of us it’s already a struggle to keep those resolutions going! But if there’s one thing it’s easy to maintain throughout the year it’s healthier hair. We’ve got some expert tips for healthy hair and how to prevent breakage from hair expert, Christel Lundqvist, founder and creative director of award winning STIL salon in Notting Hill.

About Christel

Since arriving in London from her native Sweden in 1999, Christel’s innate sense of style, creative flair and technical skill has seen her emerge as one of the industry’s most influential hair colour experts, winning her the prestigious British Hairdressing Awards British Colour Technicial of the Year Award three times.

Her knowledge of trends, combined with an artist’s eye for colour has seen Christel work with high profile names including PINK, Noomi Rapace, Ellie Goulding and Pixie Lott, while her work has featured on TV and in publications such as Vogue, Tatler, Harpers Bazaar, Elle, Glamour, InStyle and more.

Her top tips to prevent breakage are:

  1. Use hydrating hair products as dehydrated hair is very weak and, as a result, can split.
  2. Air dry the hair as much as possible, as heated equipment such as hairdryers and tongs can damage the hair.
  3. Nourish your hair. Take Viviscal hair supplements to strengthen the hair from the inside out.

Christel explains “Supplements are a game changer for clients with fine hair, as if you nourish the hair from the inside, it will be stronger and feel much thicker. Viviscal tablets are key for people with fine hair, as not only will they strengthen fine hair; they will also promote healthy hair.”

Viviscal supplements help maintain normal healthy hair growth
Viviscal supplements help maintain normal healthy hair

What about extensions?

If wearing extensions is causing hair breakage, Christel’s advice is:

“If you wear extensions make sure you look after them so they don’t tangle up and cause damage to your natural hair. Don’t keep extensions in for too long as that can also cause breakage and cause hair to thin from tension and the hair being pulled.”

How to style fine thin hair

Talking recently to International fashion and beauty company, Who What Wear , Christel was asked about the best short hairstyles for fine, thin hair.

1. The Bob

Most people have contemplated having a bob at least once in their life, and Christel is also an advocate:  “If you have fine hair and slight movement, any bob length can look great, as it will create movement and make the hair look fuller, especially if it sits above the collar bone.” 

If you have fine hair any bob length can look great - and have some fun with the colour of your bob.
Have some fun with the colour of your bob

2. The Pixie Cut

Another style we’ve often admired on others but maybe haven’t had the nerve to try ourselves, is the Pixie cut. But if you do have fine, thin hair it just might be worth really considering.

As Christel explains: “Fine hair can often look thin and see-through if it’s too long or too short, so it’s important to find the right length to suit texture and density. A softer pixie haircut can look great on very fine hair, as it will appear fuller due to the movement in the hair. But Pixie cuts can look thin on the scalp if cut too short, so it’s key to leave a little length on top.”

Consider a Pixie cut for fine thin hair, but always leave a little length on top.
If you’re going for a Pixie Cut, leave a little length on top

3. One Length

When you hit the salon, it’s often layers that you ask for. But Christel warns that that’s not always the wise choice for fine hair. “For clients with very fine hair, it’s often better to opt for a one-length haircut if it’s a bob style of shoulder-length hair, as that will make the hair look fuller.”

One length hairstyles can often work better than layers for fine, thin hair.
One length can work better than layers for fine hair

Whichever style you choose, keep Christel’s advice in mind, and when it comes to managing fine, thin hair on an everyday basis her expert tips for healthy hair are to use the right products. “Using the right aftercare for fine hair is key, as some shampoos and conditioners can weigh the hair down.”

Try the Viviscal Gorgeous Growth range to take these expert tips for healthy hair on board for your own hair.

Do you have some great ideas to avoid hair breakage? Please share in the comments below.