How Models like Karlie Kloss Get Runway-Ready Hair All NYFW-Long

by Viviscal Hair Expert on February 20th, 2019

How NYFW Models Get Healthy Hair

How Fashion Week fixtures like Karlie, Jessica Stam and Caroline Trentini keep their hair looking its best on the runways, all season long.
From the outside, New York Fashion Week looks glamorous. But all the stylish fun aside, putting on a beautiful runway show is hard work. Models, hairstylists, make-up artists and the collection designers – to say nothing of the shows’ backstage production teams – work flat-out to ensure that the exquisite collections are flawlessly presented.
A critical part of the show is the fabulous beauty and hair designed to perfectly coordinate with the haute couture. This is why the models, despite being stressed, sleep-deprived and over-worked, must show up with the best possible “canvas” to show off the work. And you better believe their hair goes through the beauty ringer.
So how do the top runway models keep it together, especially when it comes to their tresses? As E! Onlinereports, it’s with a little vitamin supplement for healthy hair growth called Viviscal.
Says E!:
The vitamin is drug-free and contains AminoMar®biotin (vitamin B7), vitamin C (to help you absorb more iron) and, well, iron (a key ingredient for strong strands).

4 Reasons Models Love Viviscal

  1. Viviscal is great for thinning hair but also strengthens and promotes growth for other types of tresses as well.
  2. It’s tried and tested (not just by this writer or supermodels) but on regular people since 1990. Over 25 years of research and clinical trials prove Viviscal’s efficacy.
  3.  Viviscal works in line with your natural hair growth cycle. So when you stop taking it, you will not immediately lose your thicker, more beautiful hair growth (unlike topical hair loss drugs like minoxidil).
  4. Healthy, thick hair stands up to the heat-styling, coloring and over-styling that is par for the course for the most in-demand runway models. So it’s extra important that these models nourish their tresses with healthy hair nutrients.
Lead stylist James Pecis, who worked on the fall-winter 2016 NYFW shows for the Brock CollectionEDUNYigal Azrouël and Sally LaPointe – among others – has said, “Viviscal is the only supplement that works!”
Lead NYFW stylist Ted Gibson explains why he recommends and relies on Viviscal:
I work with models and celebrities who are always on the go, traveling from New York to Milan to Los Angeles and back to New York. The stress of their travels not only lends to the damage of their strands but also depletes nutrients needed for healthy hair! That’s why I always recommend Viviscal, it’s remarkable for nourishing damaged hair and makes a big difference when styling my clients for runway shows like New York Fashion Week and red carpet events.
E!‘s takeaway: “It works—at least for this writer and many ladies walking the NYFW runways this season… We can’t all be long-legged beauties—but we can have model hair.” So true!