Trick of the Week: How to Grow Your Hair Overnight

by Viviscal Hair Expert on January 22nd, 2019

How to grow your hair overnight

Most hair grows at an average of ¼” to ½” per month, but some beauty bloggers claim that visible growth overnight is possible. How to grow your hair overnight? The claims usually involve kitchen-made concoctions and sitting in uncomfortable positions to make blood rush to your head, with dubious results. No, thanks.
The truth is, there is no magical cream or process that will make your hair grow overnight. Some of these unproven methods can even be dangerous.
Rather than wishing for results from unproven methods, this week’s trick will show you how to grow your hair overnight — for real. But not that way. Your hair will grow consistently, over many nights, by focusing on the three key factors of hair growth: your diet, your scalp, and your hair care.

A Diet for Healthy Hair Growth

At any given time, every hair is at a different stage of the hair growth cycle. The key to long hair is to lengthen the anagen stage, also known as the growing stage. This is accomplished by having the right balance of vitamins and nutrients, with protein being the primary source.
To produce keratin, the protein that makes up 90% of your hair, nutritionists say that at least 15% of your daily caloric intake should come from proteins. Research supports this, but we go a step further. We recommend marine proteins from foods like oysters, salmon, and clams because they contain essential fatty acids to support a healthy hydrated scalp that other proteins don’t have. In addition to fatty acids, marine proteins also contain the following key nutrients for hair growth:
Zinc to nourish hair by regulating the production of the hormones, androgens. Low levels of androgens are associated with hair loss, slowed hair growth and dandruff.
Iron to help red blood cells carry oxygen around the body to all cells, including those in hair follicles. Hair loss is often one of the visible symptoms of iron deficiency (anaemia).
Vitamin B3 (Niacin) to facilitate hair growth by preventing hair shedding, dullness or brittleness.
A diet rich in marine proteins will make sure your body is effectively producing keratin for hair growth.
If it’s hard for you to add key nutrients to your diet, try a clinically proven daily supplement that helps nourish your follicles for thicker, healthier looking growth.

Maintain a Healthy Scalp

Once you’re sure that your body is receiving the nutrients needed for fast hair growth, you need to create an environment that allows for the nutrients to work their magic on your hair follicles. To create this environment, you need to increase the blood flow and circulation to your scalp.
Use the tips of your fingers (or get someone else to help you) and massage your scalp for 20 minutes each day using circular motions. Adding essential oils can further stimulate your scalp. There are at least 7 essential oils that, when added to a scalp massage, help improve blood circulation and create a healthy environment for your hair follicles to grow. You can feel a tingling sensation when the oils are working and your scalp is being stimulated.
Other ways people have found to improve their scalp circulation are by getting a good workout to get the blood flowing, and then taking a cold shower. The cold stimulates increased blood flow as your body sends warm blood to heat up the cold body parts. So, as the cold water hits your head, that jolt of energy is your increased blood circulation.
Yoga can also be a fun way to improve circulation. Inversion poses where your head hangs lower than the rest of your body can help promote healthy blood flow, but you must be careful about dizziness from staying in one position for too long.

Maintain Healthy Ends

If your diet is under control and you’re stimulating your scalp, the last way to promote overnight hair growth (remember — over many nights) is to maintain healthy ends.
Even if your hair is well-nourished, it won’t look as long and full as it should if it’s prone to breakage and damage. Visit the hairdresser for regular trims every 6-8 weeks to get rid of damaged ends. Your hair will look thicker when not weighed down by dry, split ends.
Another key to maintaining healthy ends is to minimize heat styling. Keep heat tools below 340 degrees. When your hair is too hot (400 degrees and hotter), the heat breaks down the keratin in your hair strands, weakening them and making them much more prone to breakage.

How to Grow Your Hair Overnight — A Reality Check

Remember that genetics play a huge role in how fast your hair grows. Some people simply have it in their DNA to grow hair very quickly. Instead of worrying about how to grow hair faster overnight, create a consistent plan to make sure your hair follicles are consistently nourished. Minimising the damage and supporting it with a healthy diet and scalp stimulation will encourage maximum hair growth.
If you can accept the fact that your hair will not grow overnight, but that it can grow over many nights at a faster rate with the proper support, you’ll be very happy with the results.