Worries about post-pregnancy hair

by kim on April 1st, 2020
Worries about post-pregnancy hair?

It’s Springtime at last and new life is all around. But when it comes your hair, and you’ve just brought a new life into the world, it can be a time to have worries about post-pregnancy hair.

Hormonal changes impact your hair growth cycle

It’s all about the hormonal changes you go through when pregnant, and the impact this has on your natural hair growth cycle, which has three distinct phases:

  1. Growth phase
  2. Resting phase
  3. Shedding phase

When you’re pregnant the growth phase is prolonged by changing oestrogen levels, which means you will experience less than the normal shedding and as a result, thicker feeling hair during your pregnancy.

But after having your baby, hormone levels fall and return to normal, and your hair goes back to the ‘normal’ growth cycle, meaning your hair begins to shed again. It’s natural, but for many women it can be a shock to experience rapid hair shedding over the three to six month period after giving birth, leading to worries about post-pregnancy hair.

If it happens to you, you are not alone, as it can affect up to half of all women.

Christine reveals hair loss after giving birth

TV presenter, Christine Lampard said she was shocked when she discovered hair loss after having her baby daughter, Patricia, one.

Photo: Instagram @christinelampard

TV presenter, Christine Lampard said she was shocked when she discovered hair loss after having her baby daughter Patricia, one. Speaking on ITV’s Loose Women recently, Christine said: “People said to me, ‘After having a baby, you’ll probably lose your hair.’ …and I definitely did around the hairline. But you can cover it and I could deal with it.

It could have been much, much worse. I only noticed it when I put my hair up in a big ponytail one day. I thought, ‘Oh my god, my hair’s gone. ‘ It kind of just went without me noticing. I suddenly have a real affinity for anyone who goes through it because it’s a debilitating thing for a lot of women as your hair is you.”

Where should you turn for help?

If your diet is lacking, Viviscal supplements could help

Hormonal changes are one thing, but when you’re a new Mum it’s a challenging time and often difficult to find the time to take good care of yourself too. But your hair thrives on a constant blend of specific nutrition. So if your diet may be lacking in this busy time, consuming supplements, like Viviscal, could help you deal with this large amount of hair shedding. Get the green light from your doctor first, and wait until you’ve stopped breastfeeding.

And be patient. It will take at least a full hair growth cycle, before you can expect to begin to see a difference in your hair.

Short-term volume for post-pregnancy hair

Choose volumising products like Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Shampoo and Conditioner

If your thinner hair is bugging you, try a new, shorter haircut or some volumising products, like Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Shampoo and Conditioner.

Do you have tips on dealing with worries about post pregnancy hair? Share in comments below.